Reflective Dog Collars

reflective dog collars

Reflective Dog Collars

Ensure the safety of your dog at night time and make them more visible in the dark with Dapper Dog's range of reflective dog collars.

We offer a selection of high quality soft and safe reflective collars, harnesses, training leads, slip leads and more from the highly praised Wolters brand. You will find all of the reflective range will come available in a variety of colours to suit you and your pet's preference!

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Benefits of having a reflective dog collar:

  • Helps your dog be more visible in the dark.
  • The contact information on the collar will help them be identified and returned to the owner if lost.
  • Your dog will be easier to see for oncoming traffic on the road.
  • Plenty of personalised styles available from Wolters.
  • Quick service and delivery from Dapper Dog.

Have any questions? Contact Dapper Dog on 01572 490627 or 07785908369. If you wish to email us please use plus you can use our contact form by clicking here.

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