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Welcome to Dapper Dog - the home of beautiful and brilliant dog accessories that last!

Everything on this website is made by Wolters - the world renowned and highly respected dog accessory company in Germany. We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of Wolters products because we know that everything they make is cleverly designed, long lasting and stylish.

Wolters is a family run company, borne out of a love of dogs. We're both passionate about the wellbeing, safety, comfort and happiness of our best friends who are such a major part of the family. 

Whether you are a dog owner, or run a pet business, or probably both, Dapper Dog is the one stop shop for everything Wolters in the UK. Whether it's collars, leads, harnesses, toys or coats,

enjoy all the choice and quality you'll find here...

If you're interested in stocking Wolters dog products in the UK please get in touch with us here